Rune cards

Two runic oracle card decks
inspired by Norse mythology

by Mia Illuzia

Rune cards for divination

Rune Dreams are two individual runic divination card decks inspired by Norse mythology. Both decks consist of 24 main cards, plus 4 bonus cards and 4 concept cards. The intention has been to evoke the atmosphere and energy of each rune in a way that allows space for you to create your own connection with each card. 

The Original Edition is in colour, depicting the widely accepted meanings of Elder Futhark runes. The second deck, Valhalla Edition, consists of different, more eerie, shamanic imagery in black & white, and explores the rune themes through an increasingly interpretive, dream-like perspective. You can use the decks either individually or together: Which one is your favourite?

If you are a beginner, the imagery in these cards will guide you to remember what each rune symbolises. If you are a seasoned rune enthusiast, the images may serve as your personal gateway to the deeper meanings of your experience and individual path.


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Rune cards Norse mythology

The 4 bonus cards in the Original Edition deck ~

  • 1st Aett guardian: Freya depicted as a survivor on battlefield, with her amber tears burning on the ground.
  • 2nd Aett guardian: Heimdall depicted standing by Bifröst, the rainbow bridge that connects the worlds of Midgard and Asgard.
  • 3rd Aett guardian: Tyr depicted as a focused warrior moving forward and recognisable from his missing right arm.
  • Odin

The 4 bonus cards in the Valhalla Edition deck are the three Norn sisters, beings of time, weaving their threads of destinies ~

  • Urd - ‘What once was’
  • Verdandi - ‘What is becoming into being’
  • Skuld - ‘What shall be’
  • Odin

The 4 concept cards in both decks are:

  • HAMR - ’shape’ or ’skin’, outer appearance, shapeshifting
  • HUGR - consciousness, presence, psyche
  • HAMINGJA - luck and fortune which can be inherited and even lent to another
  • FYLGJA - lifelong guardian, one’s accompanying follower spirit

Rune cards hamingja fylgja hugr hamr

Rune cards Rune Dreams Norse mythology

A mini course in PDF format covering the 24 Elder Futhark runes is also available.